The Impact and Effect of Meeting Space Design

People are creatures of habit, even if they don’t always understand the instinctual nature of their habits.  If you are a student of human behavior, though, you can gain some insight into how people are likely to react to certain settings and situations.

If you’ve ever been on the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland, you know what happens when the doors of the elevator first open and people crowd inside.  The first ones in head for the walls and line them, then subsequent rows fill in until people finally fill the room.  Nobody goes to the center of the room until forced there.  This has something to do with survival instinct.  Nobody wants to feel exposed when surrounded by strangers.

What does this have to do with planning meetings and events with event management services professionals?  It can help you to plan a layout and design your space with specific goals in mind, such as putting attendees at ease and creating opportunities for interaction.


Plan Your Layout for Your Purpose

Your event is sure to have a slate of planned activities, from speakers and panels, to workshops and networking opportunities, to exhibit halls and interactive game stations, just for example.  For each activity you present to attendees, you should turn to experienced professionals at corporate event planning companies to create an appropriate layout.

For example, an event featuring a speaker will require everyone to face toward the main attraction, and this could be best accomplished by orienting rows of chairs to face a stage.  This isn’t the only option, though.  You could also create a theater-in-the-round type setting to increase engagement and a feeling of intimacy.

Says Tessa Cameron, VP of Strategic Sourcing at AMI, “With careful planning, you can meet multiple goals with your layout.  Do you want people to focus on a speaker?  Do you want them to interact with each other?  Do you want to support group participation?  Your layout can contribute in a big way to accomplishing your goals if you take the time to consider what different layouts are likely to yield in terms of audience reaction.”


Consult with Corporate Event Planning Companies on How to Create a Mood

There are so many logistical concerns to consider when planning an event, not to mention the burden of creating relevant, timely, and engaging content.  As a result, creating a mood and ambience for your event could fall low on your list of priorities.  However, working with experts from corporate event planning companies to develop a suitable atmosphere for your event is important.

It can not only create a more immersive and engaging experience, but it can help to put attendees at ease, add cohesion to disparate activities, and set expectations for the event as a whole.  Your event management services partners can lend their expertise to the process.


Work on Branding and Theme with Your Event Management Services Pro

Your event space design includes more than furniture and mood lighting – it also entails décor, and corporate event planning companies can help you to come up with ways to add cohesive messaging and design elements to every facet of your event.  With the right décor, you and your event management services partners can unify the entire event while embracing a theme and reinforcing branded messaging throughout.

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